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You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. Our objective: Provide full audio, video, graphic design, photography, television and film productions solution and services for both personal and business clients alike. Utilizing a very talented group of directors, audio engineer's, photographers, video editors, graphic/web designers and cinematographers working in the fields of film, television, music production industry and advertising. We are able to create high quality productions for your projects needs at a substantial lower cost than most other production houses may offer. 

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We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. By ultilizing the skillsets and services of our team of professionals We provide  Audio and Video production, both pre and post, Graphic design, Branding, Small and Large companies. Digitial/Print Publishing Design, Flyers & Posters, Event Promotions and Marketing, Global Music Disribution, National Radio and T.V. spot production and Ad placement just to name a few. 



We listen to you the client, so we can better meet your needs. We supply full multimedia services geared around your needs. Tell us your goal and together we will make your vision come alive.


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We can create custom high quality advertisement for your products, services and promotional projects regardless of your budget. with speedy results. We also offer same-day delivery for your clients depending on the service.


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3 Macs & A Nerd Productions has partnered with one of the music industry's leading radio marketing firms that have a team of industry executives with over 100 years of combined music-marketing experience. 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions' goal is to give the independent artists and labels the opportunity to play their music besides the major artist.  Our partnership has allowed us to have a strategic partnership with radio station owners, program directors, and DJs in order to guarantee our clients that their music will be played. Although our primary focus is monitored stations, we also service your music to Non-Commercial, Activator, and Non-Reporting radio stations to ensure maximum exposure.

No music should be released without radio play. This opportunity will allow artists to be on a level playing field. Your music is marketed to all levels of radio, which include the Internet (iTunes Radio, Pandora, AccuRadio, iHeart Radio, Audiorealm, On-Demand, Yahoo! Rhapsody, MTV Radio & Shoutcast Radio Broadcasters, Tunein, Streema, Streamlicensing, Radionomy, AOL), BBC Radio, Satellite (Sirius XM & Music Choice), College and Terrestrial Commercial FM Radio (Major FM - BDS (Broadcast Data Systems), Mediabase, and Reporting Stations). In addition, they pay royalties to performance right societies such as SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC as well as report to various industry trades such as Billboard, FMQB, DRT Top 200, DRT Top Independent Charts, Cashbox, BRE, Hits, and many others! 


Our partners and affiliates have received more than 200 RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum Plaques and have been affiliated with more than

190 #1 Billboard charted records. It's time to salute independent artists in a major way. Get your music played in a major way!


DRT:  DRT Weekly Report (1 Week) is a single-week airplay report which displays the total spin count for the previous full week period starting on Sunday. This is a complete report with a detailed list of radio stations playing a song and a breakdown of how many spins per day each station played a song.

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Beginners Level Radio Play

Description: 4 Weeks of radio play, submission to radio station panel, weekly tracking reports listing radio stations, and spin counts per station. This will allow you to push your music in those markets through social media and other platforms.

Guaranteed Spins of 450+spins /per week totaling 1800+spins in campaign minimum.

Based on song relevance

Professional Radio Airplay

Description: 8 Weeks of radio play, submission to radio station panel, weekly tracking reports listing radio stations, and spin counts per station. This will allow you to push your music in those markets through social media and other platforms.

Guaranteed Spins of 1000+spins /per week totaling 8000+spins in campaign minimum.

Based on song relevance.

*Includes National Airplay Charting


Starting From $5000

TOP 30 CHARTS Radio Airplay

Description: 8 Weeks of radio play, submission to radio station panel, weekly tracking reports listing radio stations, and spin counts per station. This will allow you to push your music in those markets through social media and other platforms.

Guaranteed Spins of 1500+spins /per week totaling 12,000+spins in campaign minimum.

Based on song relevance.

 *Includes National Airplay Charting CHARTING (TOP 30)


Starting From $6500

National Retail Radio Play

Description: Retail Radio is an extensive network of major retail outlets such as Walmart,

Best Buy, Sprint, McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, Popeye’s, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Menchie’s Yogurt, Cricket Wireless, major malls across the US, and thousands of independent retail stores in which music is played. The number of stores varies based on the genre of music (ranging from 1000 to 8500 locations). Currently, there are more than 40,000 retail stores in our program.

Genres of music accepted: Top 40, Hot AC, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Rock, Urban, Dance, Country, and Jazz.

Purpose: To build a story for the artist and their song with corporate affiliations and create massive awareness by directly impacting consumers.

Expectation: This campaign results in thousands of plays throughout the US in major and independent retail outlets. You will receive a weekly report during the first 6 to 8 weeks which displays the number of retail spins on the song in each market. Depending on the number of spins per week a song receives it may also appear on the retail radio charts.

Cost: $4500+ depending on the genre of music. *The song must be submitted with lyrics for approval. Retail Radio only accepts completely clean song lyrics and must not have any content issues.

​Based on song relevance.

From *(Depending on the genre of music)





3 Macs & A Nerd Productions is one of the few Multi-Media Companies with Physical and Digital Music Distributors for the U.S., globally, and Korea that provides MAJOR LABEL DISTRIBUTION along with TELEVISION, FILM & LICENSING OPPORTUNITIES all under one roof to independent artists. Our distribution partnerships are with leading companies such as

Sony Music "The Orchard", Universal Music Group "INgrooves"Canada Distribution/MVD, FYE, Baker & Taylor, Hastings, Super D, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Wal-Mart Target, Sears, Kmart, Alliance Entertainment Corporation.

Customer relationship management services consist of a single point of contact, negotiating contractual terms and conditions, SKU set-up and life cycle management, Data integrity, Inventory management, Purchase order processing and acknowledgment, Shipment tracking and delivery confirmation, Payables processing and resolution of invoice/shipping discrepancies, Returns Processing, Marketing, and Advertising Services. 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions has built strong relationships with specialized on-demand manufacturers, publishers, and other media providers. In the end, 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions provides its clients with customer relationship management, product and inventory management, and sales and marketing support.


Our digital partnership platform allows 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions to give our artist more than 600+ retailers in over 140 countries: Amazon Music, iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, Deezer, Xbox, Rhapsody, Shazam, and more!


3 Macs & A Nerd Productions is an EXCLUSIVE Korean Distributor. 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions has partnered with the global music distribution and publishing company Sound Republica. This partnership gives 3 Macs & A Nerd Productions exclusive opportunities at Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Music Group, both in London, UK. DMG aims to transform the world music industry by creating a genuinely innovative open music platform where independent artists and labels can distribute and publish their music anywhere in the world. Our leading companies are Bugs Music, Melon, Monkey3, Soribada, Genie Music, Mnet, Naver Music, Musicload, and more.

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